School Photography

Here at Christabel Photography we have developed a very different approach to school photography which we feel caters for the school, the parents and the pupils.

We believe the mottled background has had its day and instead choose to use a crisp white contemporary background which never causes any conflict with school colours or distraction from the focus of the photograph, the pupil.

We then do multiple shots of each pupil in different poses. This means that we are able to offer traditional, contemporary and fun school photographs to parents and they in turn can choose the style they prefer. For the final photograph of each pupil we ask them to choose from a variety of props and choose their own pose, this allows the child's creativity and personality to shine through and has proven to be a very popular choice with the parents when it comes to buying their childs school photograph.

Uniquely we also permit parents to mix and match photographs within packages. We understand that whilst several family members may want a copy of the school photograph they may not all want the same style. By allowing parents to choose different photographs for a package family members end up with photographs they really want.

Family Photography
Sibling Photography


We offer schools an administration free ordering service, saving staff vital time and effort. We provide proofs which are already sorted into classes for distribution. Parents can then either order safely and securely online or if they prefer can return their order to the school where it will be collected by us.

We take online security very seriously and parents are only able to view their own children's photographs using a password provided by oursleves. Online they are able to view their child's images larger than shown on the contact sheet and if they want to order and pay online they are able to do so.

Once printed orders are delivered to the school, once again sorted into classes for ease of distribution.

Family Days

As well as school portraiture we also offer families the opportunity to have some fun professional family photographs at school photography prices.

These can be done during school hours, starting before the start of the school day and running until after school or on week-ends, whatever suits your school best.

School Photography




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